December 30, 2017          sgroff          News, Update

Well, folks, it looks like 2017 is has come to an end, and you know what that means: time for our 2nd annual year in review blog post! We have a lot to talk about and cover up this year. It’s been a huge year for Roblox and Jmt Studios. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

  November 21, 2017          jmt99          Announcement, News

Hello everyone. Today I have some very important news for everyone regarding myself and the future of Jmt Studios.

After many months of contemplation, I have decided that I will be fully retiring from Roblox game development on July 27th, 2018 (my 10th Roblox anniversary). Also, on December 21st, 2017 (my 18th birthday), I will be switching over from a full-time Roblox game developer to a part-time Roblox game developer up until the time that I retire.

I refuse to use the word “quit”, as I don’t think I would ever just log off of Roblox and never come back. I have spent almost a decade of my life on the platform. Of course, when I retire in July, I am going to be extremely inactive as the only thing I really do on Roblox is develop games. I might log in once a month or less after July 2018.

Why have I decided to retire? Well, there are multiple reasons.

  October 01, 2017          jmt99          Games, Hallows Quest, News, Update

Hello everyone — short informational post today. It’s October now, and that means its the month of Hallows Quest’s release. We do not have an exact release date decided yet, but we are excited to announce that the game will be releasing somewhere between Friday, October 13th and Friday, October 20th (so October 13th is the earliest, and October 20th is the latest). We will make sure to reveal the exact release date about a week ahead of time from the actual date. With that said, I also have a new teaser image for you guys to get hyped 🙂

Make sure to keep checking up on the blog or our twitter for the next couple weeks for the latest news on Hallows Quest!

  September 27, 2017          jmt99          Announcement, News

Hello everyone! I am excited to announce that Jmt Studios will be getting a 2017 re-branding. I have been working on this re-branding for a long time now. We will be rolling it out in stages throughout the next following months. Our new re-branding will consist of a brand new logo design and a new color scheme. Our new color scheme is red (new shade), black, and white. Of course, when we get a new logo and color scheme, we also need new websites! As of today, our core website has a brand new design (core website isn’t completely done and will be completed in the upcoming months). We are also rolling out our new logo to all relevant social media and websites. We will also be re-designing the blog exactly like our core website, but that will happen later. We are also planning on developing a forum website, but that isn’t 100% confirmed yet. Make sure to check back often on the blog or our twitter for updates on our re-branding!

  September 01, 2017          jmt99          Announcement, Games, Hallows Quest, News, Teasers

Introducing Jmt Studios’ next upcoming game: Hallows Quest, an Adventure RPG game based around the theme of Halloween — coming October 2017 to Roblox.

In Hallows Quest, you arrive in The Land of The Hallows, a northern part of Bloxia, looking for a new adventure. The Land of The Hallows has been infected by evil and mythical monsters of Halloween. You must explore the vast land, collecting candy, items, fighting monsters & bosses, doing quests, and more. More information coming soon.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter here and remember to check back on the blog often to get up to date on all news for Hallows Quest, we have lots coming for this month!


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