November 10, 2013          jmt99          Games

Hi guys! Today we are proud to confirm we will be making yet another map for Bullseye: The Game. We will not be giving out any information on the map yet, as it is in early development. Keep checking back to our site for more upcoming information!

  November 09, 2013          jmt99          Games, News

Hi guys, there is only 1 more week until the announcement of our next Christmas game, and oh boy, it will a good one too. We are working hard to make the best Holiday game by Jmt Studios yet. Maybe even more successful then Easter 2013: Egg Hunt. So make sure to check out the official webpage here on November 16th, 2013. There will lots of info on the game there.

  November 08, 2013          jmt99          Games

We are pleased to announce the official release date for Bullseye: Mall! Mall will be releasing on Saturday, November 23rd at 1:00 PM EST for all users and Beta Testing for BC starting November 16th for 3 days.


Beta Testing (BC ONLY) – November 16th to November 18th

Official Release (Everyone) – November 23rd

Bulls Eye - Mall Game Thumbnail (Place Holder)

  November 01, 2013          jmt99          Games

Hi guys, Halloween 2013: Orange VS Green closed today. We would like to thank everyone who played the game!

Also, keep your eyes peeled later this month for upcoming info 😉halloween 2013 thanks for playing

  October 31, 2013          jmt99          Games, News

Hi everyone! We would like to wish everyone on behalf of Jmt Studios a Happy Halloween.

Happy halloween from jmt studios

Today is also the last day to play Halloween 2013: Orange VS Green and Bullseye: Runway Halloween Edition! We also released the “Happy Halloween” Badge on the Halloween 2013: Orange VS Green game. You can click here to play it now!



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