February 27, 2015          jmt99          Events, News

Hello everyone, as some of you may of know, earlier this month we announced that we will be creating another egg hunt this year, and today, we are here to give you a taste of it. We will show you screenshots of the map, some eggs and other features. We wont show everything though, because we still want some surprise. And also, everything in this blog post is not final and could change at anytime before release.


  January 17, 2015          jmt99          Events, Games

Hello guys, we are proud to announce our anniversary event celebrating Jmt Studios’ 3rd anniversary. The event will take place from January 18th to January 25th, 2015. The event will consist of two previous event games we will be putting back on for the week, these games are our Trick or Treat 2014 and Egg Hunt 2014 event games. There will also be a special badge you can earn for playing Trick or Treat 2014

Halloween 2014 Thumbnail Beta


Click here to visit the event page.

  November 30, 2014          jmt99          Events, News

UPDATE: Christmas Gift Hunt 2014 has been cancelled due to me being very busy.

Hello everyone! We are proud to announce our next event game will be coming this December, Christmas Gift Hunt 2014! We do not know an exact date for the release, but it will be sometime in December, and will run until sometime in January, 2015. This Gift Hunt will feature a revamped version of our last year’s map, BLOXville. I will not give out any more information right now, but here is a screenshot to get you excited. Make sure to check the blog frequently for more upcoming news and updates!


  October 31, 2014          jmt99          News


Hello everyone, the team here at Jmt Studios would like to wish everyone a happy Halloween! It has been another yet successful month for Jmt Studios, with our Trick or Treat 2014 game surpassing 30k place visits, WOW! Here is a graph showing our total place visits in our event games, you’ll be amazed.

  September 28, 2014          jmt99          Plugins

We are excited to announce that version 1.05 of our Time Changer plugin has been released! I rewrote the whole plugin so it now only has one button and when you click it, it opens a nice GUI to change the time of day. I also learned how to make it so plugins can show GUI’s, which is why I made this update. You can view the official change log below.



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