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  October 31, 2014          jmt99          News


Hello everyone, the team here at Jmt Studios would like to wish everyone a happy Halloween! It has been another yet successful month for Jmt Studios, with our Trick or Treat 2014 game surpassing 30k place visits, WOW! Here is a graph showing our total place visits in our event games, you’ll be amazed.

  September 28, 2014          jmt99          Plugins

We are excited to announce that version 1.05 of our Time Changer plugin has been released! I rewrote the whole plugin so it now only has one button and when you click it, it opens a nice GUI to change the time of day. I also learned how to make it so plugins can show GUI’s, which is why I made this update. You can view the official change log below.


  September 16, 2014          jmt99          Events, News

We are proud to announce that our next upcoming Halloween Event game will be Halloween 2014: Trick or Treat and will be coming this October 1st, 2014 for everyone to play.

Halloween 2014 Thumbnail Beta

  August 15, 2014          jmt99          Games, News, Polls

If you haven’t known already, events are a big part of Jmt Studios, and one of the funnest types of games we could make. Since our event games will be kicking off again this fall, I decided to make this blog post. In this blog post, I will talk about our game events, from the past, and the upcoming future.


  July 04, 2014          jmt99          Games, News

UPDATE (August 13th, 2014): Block Run is currently on hold right now, as we are busy with other things. We do really want to release this game, so expect it to come out later in the future. -jmt99

Hi guys, we are proud to announce that our next upcoming game this summer will be Block Run. We do not have specific release date for this game yet, but it will be out for sure in August. Here are some screenshots from the game and a description so you can get a feel for what the game will be like.

Block Run Thumbnail 1


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