May 30, 2015          jmt99          News, Polls

Hello everyone, we are proud to announce some new changes for this summer in Jmt Studios. Firstly, we have a new logo. It’s not much of a change from the last one. except the new studs and inlets in the “JMT” part, and also the color scheme of Jmt Studios will be red and grey now, instead of red and black. This new logo will become in effect very soon, and we will also be shipping a new site theme along with it. We will also be doing a mass hire of people to be on our team, so if you want to be on the Jmt Studios team, just wait until we do the mass hire, you might just get a job! And on top of that, we will be also be creating some new jobs/ranks for Jmt Studios, we will announce these later.

Jmt Studios Logo 2015 Group

  April 11, 2015          jmt99          Events, News, Polls

And yet again, it’s another successful Egg Hunt event here at Jmt Studios. I still remember the less than 100 visited first Egg Hunt event game we made back in 2012, and also, was our first event game. And now we have came this far, thank you everyone who has played the game, we really appreciate it. We will be sure to be here for you guys next Easter 😉 Now, here’s some stats on the game compared to last year AND the year before.


  August 15, 2014          jmt99          Games, News, Polls

If you haven’t known already, events are a big part of Jmt Studios, and one of the funnest types of games we could make. Since our event games will be kicking off again this fall, I decided to make this blog post. In this blog post, I will talk about our game events, from the past, and the upcoming future.



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