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If you haven’t known already, events are a big part of Jmt Studios, and one of the funnest types of games we could make. Since our event games will be kicking off again this fall, I decided to make this blog post. In this blog post, I will talk about our game events, from the past, and the upcoming future.



1. Easter: Egg Hunt

Easter is a big time for Jmt Studios, it is the time that we release our Egg Hunt event game, which gets more successful each year. It first started out as eggs that were hidden around chaos canyon, that did nothing, they literally just sat there (just like the lazy egg :P), and when you got them, you didn’t get a badge, it just put it on your head. There was only 1 badge to collect, which was the “Lonely Egg of Forever Forgotten”. The next year, Easter 2013: Egg Hunt came out, and it was a big improvement from last year. Some of the eggs actually did somethings, so they wouldn’t just sit there, some would float, some would fly, and some would EGGslpode! Now, to the most recent Egg Hunt, Easter 2014: Egg Hunt was the most successful Egg Hunt, and most successful event game in Jmt Studios history. It got about a whopping 2,000 visits during the duration of the hunt, and around 30 concurrent players. The game also for the first time, features an Egg Spawning system. The eggs weren’t always in the same spot. This was the biggest accomplishment that we have done in Easter 2014: Egg Hunt, along with creating the End Egg, a very unique egg that we have never done before.

2. Halloween: Orange VS Green

Halloween: Orange VS Green was our second event game we created. The game was about having a paintball battle with your friends in and around a the ROBLOX Haunted Mansion created by Telamon/Shedletsky, an admin at ROBLOX. The game was pretty popular, but not as much as Egg Hunt would be. Fun Fact: This is where we met our first staff member, gamegetter4, he also made one of the gameplay trailers for the game.

3. Christmas: Red VS Green

At around mid-November time in 2012, we decided to make a game similar to Halloween 2012: Orange VS Green, but more jolly and snowy. It was pretty much the same as Halloween 2012: Orange VS Green, but the teams were changed to Red VS Green, and it took place on “Santa’s Winter Stronghold”, a classic game from the old days. The game was not as popular as the other event games, and is now the least popular event game in Jmt Studios history.

4. Christmas: Gift Hunt

We created Christmas 2013: Gift Hunt to test our limits on what we could do with hunt games, and practice for Easter 2014: Egg Hunt. We found out what our users liked, and didn’t. What was hard, and what was too easy. It was also the first time we made our own map for an event game. The map consisted of gifts to find, bosses to fight and items to find around the map to help with your search to help save Bloxville. The game got about 400 visits, which to us, is considered a success, and it was.

5. Valentine’s Day: Brick Battle

Our Valentine’s Day 2014: Brick Battle wasn’t that big, nor successful, it was more of a test to see how popular minor event games would be, instead of the major holidays like Christmas, Halloween and Easter. There isn’t a lot to say about this event game, it was just a normal Brick Battle game on Crossroads, with a special badge for playing it.


This upcoming event season, we want to make the best quality event games to bring to you guys, so we have a poll here to see what you guys want. Do you want more hunts, fighting games, or something different? Fill out the poll below! Also, remember to PM jmt99 any suggestions you have for events, we are open for ideas ALL the time.

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