May 09, 2013          jmt99          Games

If you haven’t known, ROBLOX released their dynamic lighting today! So I decided to test it out on our new game, Bullseye. I already tested dynamic lighting on gametest so I kind of have the feel for it already. Here’s some pictures!

Bulls Eye - DL Preview



  May 01, 2013          jmt99          Games

Hi guys, if you didn’t know already, yesterday we released a trailer for a map for a new shooter game we are working on. A link to the video will be at the end of this post. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel too! And also come to more frequently. we will be uploading a new trailer for Bullseye later this May or early June!

Bulls Eye - Summer 2013 (Place Holder)

  April 07, 2013          jmt99          Games

egg hunt 2013  thanks for playing!

Well, it’s that time again. Easter 2013: Egg Hunt is officially over for this year. We thank everyone who visited the egg hunt this year. We are already thinking of upcoming games for you guys. So be ready for this upcoming fall for some special games and prizes.

  April 05, 2013          jmt99          Games

As you guys know, our annual egg hunt ends tomorrow night. So we have decided to add a new egg. So here it is… Golden Faberge Egg! This egg will ONLY be available on April 6th.

Here is the egg.

golden faberge egg

  March 31, 2013          jmt99          Games

We have made some changes to our egg hunt recently. We made it so the Floating Egg actually floats around. We are also going to add a new egg, April Fools’ Faberge Egg. This egg will only be available on April Fools’ (April 1st). Get yours while it’s here!

Here is the egg.

april fools' egg

Here is a video showing the changes we made with the Floating Egg.

Egg Hunt Update


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