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egg hunt 2013  thanks for playing!

Well, it’s that time again. Easter 2013: Egg Hunt is officially over for this year. We thank everyone who visited the egg hunt this year. We are already thinking of upcoming games for you guys. So be ready for this upcoming fall for some special games and prizes.

– Stats –

Most caught egg – Floating Egg (86 Total)

Rarest egg – Almost Cracked Egg (11 Total)

Eggs caught – Around 480 (Wow!)

This year’s egg hunt was truly amazing. We had eggs that were floating, flying, hard to get and that sat there all day and night! As we say again, we deeply thank everyone who visited this years egg hunt and we couldn’t of did it without you! We are already thinking about next years 😉 But that wont be for awhile.

Sincerely, Jmt99


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