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We now have an official public Discord for any of you guys to join! In our Discord, you can socialise with other Jmt Studios fans, talk to Jmt Studios Staff, ask for assistance in ROBLOX Development, and more! Joining our Discord is also a nice way to never miss any announcement or update we have, as we will notify everyone in our Discord of any upcoming cool stuff! In the near future, people in our Discord may even get special rewards…

To join, click here!

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Five years.
Five years of greatness, five years of lateness.
Five years of friends, five years of dead-ends.

Five years.
Five years of quality, five years of frivolity.
Five years of players, five years of failures.

Five years of rewards, working towards awards.
Five years of Jmt Studios.

Five years, wow, time has gone by fast. It feels like yesterday when I released Unofficial Egg Hunt 2013, or when we got our first front-page game, Unofficial Trick or Treat 2014. But now it’s 2017, and we are celebrating our 5th anniversary with the birth of this great studio. And boy, do we have a treat (and some eggs too) for you. Today I would like to introduce to you, our 5th-anniversary event.


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