February 27, 2015          jmt99          Events, News

Hello everyone, as some of you may of know, earlier this month we announced that we will be creating another egg hunt this year, and today, we are here to give you a taste of it. We will show you screenshots of the map, some eggs and other features. We wont show everything though, because we still want some surprise. And also, everything in this blog post is not final and could change at anytime before release.


The Map: Unofficial Egg Hunt 2015 will feature a 2400×1600 20,000 part map of pure egg hunting madness. Yes, we said 2400×1600 20,000 part map, you are not hallucinating. There will be a lot of ground to cover, so get ready. The map includes a city, housing areas, a haunted mansion, a “forbidden” forest, a volcano, secret caves and more!


The Eggs: Unofficial Egg Hunt 2015 will contain a lot of eggs, ranging from easy eggs, to hard hiders and ones requiring you to do extra things before reaching them. We will not be confirming the amount of eggs that will be in the game yet, but we are aiming for around 20. Here is a preview of some of them.


Unofficial Egg Hunt 2015 will also have new features like egg rarity for the egg spawn system, gamepasses, and more! We will also be releasing an event page sometime in March with more information on the game.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, all of this will be coming to you March 27th, 2015. Awesome right!?


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