November 21, 2017          jmt99          Announcement, News

Hello everyone. Today I have some very important news for everyone regarding myself and the future of Jmt Studios.

After many months of contemplation, I have decided that I will be fully retiring from Roblox game development on July 27th, 2018 (my 10th Roblox anniversary). Also, on December 21st, 2017 (my 18th birthday), I will be switching over from a full-time Roblox game developer to a part-time Roblox game developer up until the time that I retire.

I refuse to use the word “quit”, as I don’t think I would ever just log off of Roblox and never come back. I have spent almost a decade of my life on the platform. Of course, when I retire in July, I am going to be extremely inactive as the only thing I really do on Roblox is develop games. I might log in once a month or less after July 2018.

Why have I decided to retire? Well, there are multiple reasons.

  • The first reason is that I am approaching my 10th year on the platform, and I am getting bored of game development on Roblox. I want to do something in the world of game development.
  • I will be entering university in the Fall of 2018. I will be pursuing a major in Computer Science (w/ specialization in video game programming), and I am still contemplating if I want to also pursue a minor in Physics. With this, I am simply going to be too busy to support Jmt Studios actively.
  • Related to the first reason, I want to take my game development and programming to the next level and move away from Lua to develop real game engines with C++.
  • Our games are not doing well enough for me to want to stay with Roblox development.

Why have I decided to switch to part-time development on December 21st, 2017?

  • I want to spend more time on school work for my upcoming exams in January 2017.
  • I want to have more time to spend with my friends in my last year of High School.
  • I want to start to pursue my game development outside of Roblox a little bit.

What does all of this mean for Jmt Studios? I am not sure yet. I have not decided if I am also going to retire Jmt Studios or if I am going to hand over the Studio Head position to someone else.

Also, in June 2018, I will be opening every single one of my games I have made on Roblox (even unreleased ones) as a memorial place for my history of game development on Roblox. These places will be opened forever. I will also be writing and releasing a really long biography about my life on Roblox that will come out on July 27th, 2018. This blog post will be a story of my Roblox life (2008-2018) and will include history, experiences, friends, games, and more.


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