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“All great things must come to an end.”

As of Unofficial Trick or Treat 2015 re-release, Jmt Studios Events have officially come to an end. I would like to thank everyone who participated in our holiday events, whether it be our original Unofficial Egg Hunt series, or our top-hit Unofficial Trick or Treat series, we couldn’t have done it without you! Events were a huge part of Jmt Studios, racking up most of the revenue and visits out of all our games produced by our studio. In remembrance and respect to Jmt Studios Events, we will be doing an “Events In Review” post here today, so let’s get right into it.



Unofficial Egg Hunt 2012

The beginning, the very original: Unofficial Egg Hunt 2012. After ROBLOX’s fun and first “Egg Hunt” in 2012, I was inspired by the simple yet fun aspect of an “Egg Hunt”. So Jmt Studios, just being founded earlier that year, decided to create one. The game was not big at all, and took place on the official ROBLOX map “Chaos Canyon”. The game featured one obtainable badge because I did not have enough money to buy more badges, though the game featured many eggs to find. The eggs were static and did not move around or spawn, they were just hidden in places on the map. When you picked up an egg it would just place the egg on your head like a hat, with the exception of the Lonely Egg being hidden in a special place, giving you a badge upon touch.

lonely egg

Halloween 2012: Orange VS Green

Halloween 2012: Orange VS Green was our first Halloween event at Jmt Studios. It was a paintball game on the 2006 Haunted Mansion level created by Shedletsky. The game featured one badge which you earned by joining the game. Here is a gameplay trailer created by gamegetter4, our first staff member:

Christmas 2012: Red VS Green

Christmas 2012: Red VS Green was our first Christmas event game at Jmt Studios. Like Halloween 2012: Orange VS Green, it was a paintball game, but this time it was on the map “Santa’s Winter Stronghold” by ROBLOX.


Unofficial Egg Hunt 2013

Our second ever Egg Hunt, and a major step up from the previous one. Unofficial Egg Hunt 2013 featured many new improvements and features. Some of these included: Badges for each egg (total of nine eggs), movable eggs (some eggs actually moved around, but there was still no unique spawning system). Since the Jmt Studios blog was created in 2013, you can view blog posts for Unofficial Egg Hunt 2013. Here are some: Easter 2013: Egg HuntEaster 2013: Egg Hunt now available!The success of Easter 2013: Egg Hunt

Halloween 2013: Orange VS Green

Halloween 2013: Orange VS Green was a re-release and update of Halloween 2012: Orange VS Green. It featured some aesthetic updates like dynamic lighting and more badges.

Christmas 2013: Red VS Green

Christmas 2013: Red VS Green was just a re-release of Christmas 2012: Red VS Green, it did not feature any new updates.

Christmas 2013: Gift Hunt

We released two Christmas games during December 2013, Christmas 2013: Red VS Green and Christmas 2013: Gift Hunt. Christmas 2013: Gift Hunt was a spin on our Egg Hunt series but at Christmas time. It was our first and only Gift Hunt that released. There was a total of eight gifts to collect. This was also the first time we experimented with a spawning system, though the gifts still had static spawns, the gifts would appear at certain times to be able to be collected, or appeared when something was activated. This was also the first time we made our own custom event name. Christmas 2013: Gift Hunt was a very important part of Jmt Studios Event history. Blog post: Christmas 2013: Gift Hunt


Valentine’s Day 2014: Brick Battle

Valentine’s Day 2014: Brick Battle was just a small game to try and make event games for other holidays. It was also released to occupy the long wait time between Christmas and Easter for the release of an Egg Hunt. The game took place on Crossroads, with a pink ambient. You were given basic weapons to fight other players.

Unofficial Egg Hunt 2014

Like last year, Unofficial Egg Hunt 2014 was a major improvement from the previous year. Unofficial Egg Hunt 2014 contained 23+ eggs to collect, the most we ever had. We also finally implemented a non-static spawning system. Eggs would have specific spawn points that they could appear at around the map. The game also featured an “Eggs Found” GUI for the first time. The eggs were very diverse, ranging from eggs that run away, eggs that kill you, and really hard to find eggs. The map took place on four ROBLOX made maps, all combined together into one. These maps included: Chaos Canyon, Crossroads, Glass Houses, and Haunted Mansion. This event was our most successful event at the time, racking over 2,000 visits. Blog post: What to expect in this year’s Easter 2014: Egg Hunt

Unofficial Trick or Treat 2014

Unofficial Trick or Treat 2014, our most successful event, and game in general, of Jmt Studios history. This was our first Trick or Treat game and it met a very positive response. Unofficial Trick or Treat 2014 hit the front page of the ROBLOX games page on the first day of release hitting up to 8,000+ concurrent players and racking up more than 10,000R$ in a couple hours. Unfortunately, it was wrongly shut down by ROBLOX because it apparently was trying to mimic an official ROBLOX event (it was not), and it used assets (decals) from ROBLOX’s The Witching Hour 2013 (which I found freely lying in Stickmasterluke’s decal inventory for me to use). Fellow Jmt Studios fans rioted in the comment section of the game, claiming that ROBLOX were jealous of the popularity of the game, but it would do no good. After many hard days of conversations between me and ROBLOX moderators and customer service, and changes to the game, ROBLOX lifted the closure on the game. The game’s objective was to adventure through BLOXville and trick or treat to collect candy, buy costumes, and complete quests. This was also the first time we implemented gamepasses into a Jmt Studios game. The game reached a total of 39,000 visits once it closed, a record yet to be bet. Blog post: Halloween 2014: Trick or Treat is Coming This October


Christmas 2014: Gift Hunt (Cancelled)

Christmas 2014: Gift Hunt was an unreleased event game by Jmt Studios. It was just like Christmas 2013: Gift Hunt, but was going to take place on a brand new map and new features. It was cancelled due to not having enough time to develop, as development started November 1st (due to Unofficial Trick or Treat 2014 taking up the time before that), and the game had to be released December 1st, so there was no time to develop the game. Assets and code from the game would later be implemented into Unofficial Egg Hunt 2015. Blog post: Christmas Gift Hunt 2014 is Coming This December


Unofficial Egg Hunt 2015

Unofficial Egg Hunt 2015, claimed to be our best Egg Hunt game, was an insane improvement from the previous year. It was the first time we featured our own built map in an Egg Hunt game. It also for the first time, included gamepasses (the Eggdar and Speed gamepass). The game featured around 20 eggs, ranging from many types. Blog post: Introducing Jmt Studio’s Unofficial Egg Hunt 2015

Unofficial Trick or Treat 2015

Unofficial Trick or Treat 2015 was a very hard challenge for us, as we had to meet strong expectations to meet. Even though the game did not beat out Unofficial Trick or Treat 2014, we still think it was a great success due to the major improvements between the two games. The game featured a nicely designed and big map, unique quests, nice inventory and shop system, an improved trick or treating system, and more. The game received a lack of updates due to me entering high school and being less active, which then later resulted in where we are today, ending our annual event tradition. Blog post: Introducing Jmt Studios’ Unofficial Trick or Treat 2015


Unofficial Egg Hunt 2016

Unofficial Egg Hunt 2016, though unfinished, was a major improvement from our previous event games. It was the first time I had coded in a filtering enabled environment (filtering enabled is a ROBLOX feature that protects your game against some exploits, but is harder to script while enabled). The game also featured a new detailed cartoon art style for assets, that I think looked really nice and clean. For the first time ever, the game featured a true random egg spawning system. It consisted of “spawn zones” in parts of the map that the game would spawn eggs randomly inside. The game also had many break-out technologies that we will carry on to future projects to make the best games possible. Blog post: Introducing Jmt Studios’ Unofficial Egg Hunt 2016

Unofficial Trick or Treat 2015 re-release

Unofficial Trick or Treat 2015 re-release was an update and re-opening of the Unofficial Trick or Treat 2015. The update featured many things added that was promised and missing in the original game. The game was also completely converted to be filtering enabled compatible (we had to almost completely re-code the client scripts). Lots of code was changed to be more efficient (especially the saving/loading system). A new quest and a new landmark were added to the game as well, new costumes, and some new minor features.


Even though our event games are now gone, we are working hard to create a brand new innovative full game for Jmt Studios. We plan to announce/tease this game Q1 2017, so look out for that! You can join our ROBLOX group, follow us on Twitter, or check oftenly here to get up to date on the newest news.


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