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(Note: Anything in this post could be altered or deleted in the final product of the game!)

The Best Easter: Egg Hunt yet!
This years Easter: Egg Hunt will be the best we have made by far. In this blog post, we will tell you all you need to know (right now) about what to expect in this years Egg Hunt. What are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

The Map
We had Chaos Canyon for the 2012 Egg Hunt, Crossroads for the 2013, but what are we using for this years Egg Hunt? Well, we aren’t just using one map, we will be using 3! Easter 2014: Egg Hunt will contain Chaos Canyon, Crossroads and a new map to the event, Glass Houses.

The Features
This years Egg Hunt will have a lot of new features from last year. The best feature that we are excited about is the Egg Spawn system I scripted. Instead of all the eggs always at one spot all the time, the eggs can spawn at random places. The eggs will also be moving in the environment, so they wont just be sitting there. The game will also feature badges, in-game shop and more!

The Eggs
We are planning on adding twice as many eggs as last years Egg Hunt into this one. It will contain eggs from last years plus a lot of brand new ones. We will not tell you any of the names yet, but here is a teaser picture of some of the new ones that will appear in this years Egg Hunt.

Remember that these are not all of the eggs that will be implemented into the game, we are planning way more.

Be sure to check back here on our website for upcoming info!


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