March 30, 2013          jmt99          Games

The annual Jmt Studios Egg Hunt is back and better than ever! Find eggs to collect badges with your friends. There is a total of 9 eggs, we have listed them below. Available now until April 6th.

Egg Hunt 2013 Available now

lonely egg


Lonely Egg

More alone than the forever alone guy.



crystal egg


Crystal Egg

“I can see myself in it!”



cracked egg


Cracked Egg

They ran out of bricks, so they used this.



golden egg


Golden Egg

This egg is made out of 24 carat yolk.



floating egg


Floating Egg

I thought eggs were filled with yolk not helium!



fire egg


Eggsplosive Egg




binary egg


Binary Egg

It’s edging to be found.



lazy egg


Lazy Egg

It just sits there all day and night



rainbow egg


Rainbow Egg

“There’s an egg at the end of that rainbow!”


Click here to play!


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