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Hello everyone, as some of you may know, we released a blog post earlier this month announcing our next upcoming event game, Trick or Treat 2015, and today, it’s time to give you a taste of it. Trick or Treat is a major improvement from our game last year, Trick or Treat 2014. For our game this year, we took some suggestions and ideas from the community last year, and added them into the game. We also thought up some new ideas and features for the game, which we think would make it more innovative, and make the game more fun and rewarding than last year. We also gathered kept some features from 2014, so it still has that fun-feel everyone loved from the year before. Well let’s not waste any more time, and let’s head straight into this.


NOTE: Anything in this blog post is not 100% guaranteed to be in the full game. Anything could be removed or changed drastically before release.

Welcome To BLOXville

Unofficial Trick or Treat 2015 features a much more adventurous and expansive map than last year. There are 3 areas in the game, Area 1 (BLOXville South), Area 2 (BLOXville East and West), and Area 3 (BLOXville North). The map features many houses and landmarks for you to venture into, from graveyards to pumpkin patches and an abandoned farm. But that’s not all, this year in Trick or Treat 2015, each server will be different. Each server that is started will have randomly generated house types, house colors, decorations etc. Also, the more you progress into the farther areas, the bigger the houses will become, awarding more candy to you.



Unofficial Trick or Treat 2015 will feature costumes, upgradable candy bags, abilities, gamepasses and more buyable gear. But the catch is, not all of them you will just be able to “buy”. Costumes and candy bags can be obtained by not just buying them, but also by earning them, making them more rewarding. Some costumes will not be expensive at all and some will be very easy to earn, and some may be very expensive and very hard to earn. We will also be featuring abilities, an upgrade that you buy with in-game money that lasts to a certain time or number of uses. There will also be buyable gamepasses to give you a jump on the game with special abilities.


So there you have it! There is all the information we are going to give you currently. We will be going to give some more info later through the month, but some will be kept secret until release. Oh I almost forgot! Unofficial Trick or Treat 2015 will be releasing on October 1st, 2015. But wait! There’s more. We are happy to announce that Trick or Treat 2015 will be holding a OPEN BETA for all users sometime in September 2015, we will be announcing the date sometime later this month. Hungry for more information? We will be releasing an event page sometime in mid-late September with way more information on the game. This blog post contains very little of what the game will be really like.

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