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We are proud to announce that our next upcoming Halloween Event game will be Halloween 2014: Trick or Treat and will be coming this October 1st, 2014 for everyone to play.

Halloween 2014 Thumbnail Beta

Halloween 2014: Trick or Treat is Jmt Studios’ newest event game. The goal for this game is to collect candy by trick or treating at houses. You can then trade out your candy for money in the game, and buy costumes, bag upgrades, tools and more! Bored of just trick or treating? Go do some quests to get money, visit the haunted mansion or just go and hang out with friends!


In Halloween 2014: Trick or Treat, your main goal is to go around and ding dong on people’s houses and collect candy. You can get a variety of candies, ranging from only 1 to 50! But watch out, you can sometimes get a TRICK. If you get a trick, you will lose 5 of your candies and you will die and respawn back at the spawn. Another thing, the more you progress through the map, the more candy and less tricks you will be given. Also, if you buy a more expensive costume from the in-game shop, you will get more candy, the costumes range from the n00b costume, to the most legit costumes like Ghost Face and Jason!


After you are done getting your candy and transferring it into money, go to the shop and spend it on some nice upgrades! In the shop, you can spend your money on new costumes that give you more candy, or buy some bag upgrades so you can hold more candy inside your trick or treat bag! You can also purchase the Infinite Bag Capacity gamepass for 40 Tickets which gives you infinite candy capacity. You can also buy some fun tools in the shop, ranging from pizza slices, to a speed coil!

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Halloween 2014: Trick or Trick is going to be a great event game. The map is about 750 studs long and 450 studs wide. There will also be a variety of badges to collect, from completing quests and more! Have a fun and safe Halloween everyone!

Click here to view the official event page


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