September 01, 2015          jmt99          Events, News

Hello everyone, as some of you may know, we released a blog post earlier this month announcing our next upcoming event game, Trick or Treat 2015, and today, it’s time to give you a taste of it. Trick or Treat is a major improvement from our game last year, Trick or Treat 2014. For our game this year, we took some suggestions and ideas from the community last year, and added them into the game. We also thought up some new ideas and features for the game, which we think would make it more innovative, and make the game more fun and rewarding than last year. We also gathered kept some features from 2014, so it still has that fun-feel everyone loved from the year before. Well let’s not waste any more time, and let’s head straight into this.


  August 15, 2015          jmt99          Events, News

Hello everyone, we are proud to announce that our next event game will be coming this October, Trick or Treat 2015. We are working very hard to make this game more innovative and much better quality than last year. By doing this, we are working on new features for the game to make it fresh from last year, whilst still keeping the features that made last year a success. We can’t give a lot of information right now on the game, but expect more upcoming information by tuning into our blog more frequently, or by joining the Jmt Studios Group to get up to date when we make new blog posts, or release new information. But to get you hyped, here is a teaser image 🙂

Teaser #3

  July 15, 2015          jmt99          News

It’s coming closer…

Teaser #2

  July 01, 2015          jmt99          News

Doesn’t this look yummy? 🙂

Teaser #1

  May 30, 2015          jmt99          News, Polls

Hello everyone, we are proud to announce some new changes for this summer in Jmt Studios. Firstly, we have a new logo. It’s not much of a change from the last one. except the new studs and inlets in the “JMT” part, and also the color scheme of Jmt Studios will be red and grey now, instead of red and black. This new logo will become in effect very soon, and we will also be shipping a new site theme along with it. We will also be doing a mass hire of people to be on our team, so if you want to be on the Jmt Studios team, just wait until we do the mass hire, you might just get a job! And on top of that, we will be also be creating some new jobs/ranks for Jmt Studios, we will announce these later.

Jmt Studios Logo 2015 Group


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