January 15, 2014          jmt99          News, Plugins

Hi guys, I know we haven’t been active lately, because there hasn’t been much happening. But yesterday ROBLOX released website plugins. So you don’t have to download and manually install them any more. Just click the “Install” button on ROBLOX Studio.

So today, we released our first plugin. If you haven’t known already, Jmt Studios will not JUST me making games in 2014, but plugins, models and scripts for you guys.

  December 31, 2013          jmt99          Games, News

2013 has been a great year, and now it is time to move on to 2014. Thanks to all of our fans and staff for making this year the best. We could have not done it without you. We have a lot of games and other things planned for 2014, some coming sooner than you think. To celebrate the end of 2013, we put together a year-in-review video of most of our games this year. You can click here to watch it. Also, read the rest of the blog post for some announcements!

  December 24, 2013          jmt99          News

Hey everyone! We would like to wish everyone a happy holiday! Remember to play our Christmas 2013: Gift Hunt as it will be closing January 1st, 2014. See everyone in the new year!

  November 09, 2013          jmt99          Games, News

Hi guys, there is only 1 more week until the announcement of our next Christmas game, and oh boy, it will a good one too. We are working hard to make the best Holiday game by Jmt Studios yet. Maybe even more successful then Easter 2013: Egg Hunt. So make sure to check out the official webpage here on November 16th, 2013. There will lots of info on the game there.

  October 31, 2013          jmt99          Games, News

Hi everyone! We would like to wish everyone on behalf of Jmt Studios a Happy Halloween.

Happy halloween from jmt studios

Today is also the last day to play Halloween 2013: Orange VS Green and Bullseye: Runway Halloween Edition! We also released the “Happy Halloween” Badge on the Halloween 2013: Orange VS Green game. You can click here to play it now!



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