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2013 has been a great year, and now it is time to move on to 2014. Thanks to all of our fans and staff for making this year the best. We could have not done it without you. We have a lot of games and other things planned for 2014, some coming sooner than you think. To celebrate the end of 2013, we put together a year-in-review video of most of our games this year. You can click here to watch it. Also, read the rest of the blog post for some announcements!


Now we have some announcements to make for 2014, Jmt Studios will not just be making games in 2014, we will start to make scripts, models and maybe even plugins for you guys to take to make your building on ROBLOX, better. So keep a look out on our website here at, we will be posting all of our exciting news here!

We are also going to try to make some iPad games or iPad friendly versions of our games. The only game that is iPad friendly by us is Wipeout the Obby: Classic. So that is something else to look forward to for 2014 (If you have a iPad).

Another thing, if you guys did not know, there is another part of Jmt Studios we made. It is a more elite version of Jmt Studios, were we will make games just like Jmt  Studios, but it is harder to get into it, since it is invite only, no job applications. It is called Team Sublimity, we also have some upcoming games planned for Team Sublimity too. You can join the group here.

As we say again, we greatly appreciate all of our fans and we could have not done this without you, and remember,

It’s for the players.

Sincerely, Jmt99 (Founder of Jmt Studios)


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