March 19, 2016          jmt99          Events, News

Hello, everyone! So as some of you may know, in late February, we officially announced our next upcoming event game: Unofficial Egg Hunt 2016, and we are here today to introduce it to you. Unofficial Egg Hunt 2016 is a big step from our previous egg hunt, and also a big step in our games.  For the first time ever, we have developed for and now 100% support filtering enabled in our games. What is filtering enabled you may ask? Well, it’s a simple change in your game that makes it so client changes are not replicated back to the server and to other clients (this is not simple to implement and your game usually needs to be scripting in a totally different way, that’s why we never had it before). This means that exploiting is cut down a whole bunch (if not completely). Our previous games did not support filtering enabled at all and were very prone to exploiters. Some other egg hunt specific improvements is a brand new egg spawning system. Our previous egg hunts used only random spawn points to spawn eggs. In 2016, we now have implemented spawn zones which make the spawning even more random. Spawn zones are not limited to specific points in the world but rather to specific zones/areas and random points inside those zones.


  February 26, 2016          jmt99          Events, News, Teasers

Hello, everyone! We are very pleased to announce that our next event game will be Unofficial Egg Hunt 2016, and it will be coming this March of 2016! We are currently working hard to give you guys the best and most unique egg hunt yet — from more advanced and improved scripting, creating and finding the best egg retextures, and of course, delivering an amazing map to explore to your hearts desire. We aim to release Unofficial Egg Hunt 2016 somewhere in the days of March 18th to March 25th, 2016. We will not be giving any specific details of the game as of right now, that will all be on our official event page, and in another blog post to come. So stay tuned! Make sure to follow us on twitter, visit the blog periodically, and join the group to get notified of the newest news in Jmt Studios, as well as new teasers that we will be posting up to the game’s release.


  September 01, 2015          jmt99          Events, News

Hello everyone, as some of you may know, we released a blog post earlier this month announcing our next upcoming event game, Trick or Treat 2015, and today, it’s time to give you a taste of it. Trick or Treat is a major improvement from our game last year, Trick or Treat 2014. For our game this year, we took some suggestions and ideas from the community last year, and added them into the game. We also thought up some new ideas and features for the game, which we think would make it more innovative, and make the game more fun and rewarding than last year. We also gathered kept some features from 2014, so it still has that fun-feel everyone loved from the year before. Well let’s not waste any more time, and let’s head straight into this.


  August 15, 2015          jmt99          Events, News

Hello everyone, we are proud to announce that our next event game will be coming this October, Trick or Treat 2015. We are working very hard to make this game more innovative and much better quality than last year. By doing this, we are working on new features for the game to make it fresh from last year, whilst still keeping the features that made last year a success. We can’t give a lot of information right now on the game, but expect more upcoming information by tuning into our blog more frequently, or by joining the Jmt Studios Group to get up to date when we make new blog posts, or release new information. But to get you hyped, here is a teaser image 🙂

Teaser #3

  April 11, 2015          jmt99          Events, News, Polls

And yet again, it’s another successful Egg Hunt event here at Jmt Studios. I still remember the less than 100 visited first Egg Hunt event game we made back in 2012, and also, was our first event game. And now we have came this far, thank you everyone who has played the game, we really appreciate it. We will be sure to be here for you guys next Easter 😉 Now, here’s some stats on the game compared to last year AND the year before.



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