February 26, 2016          jmt99          Events, News, Teasers

Hello, everyone! We are very pleased to announce that our next event game will be Unofficial Egg Hunt 2016, and it will be coming this March of 2016! We are currently working hard to give you guys the best and most unique egg hunt yet — from more advanced and improved scripting, creating and finding the best egg retextures, and of course, delivering an amazing map to explore to your hearts desire. We aim to release Unofficial Egg Hunt 2016 somewhere in the days of March 18th to March 25th, 2016. We will not be giving any specific details of the game as of right now, that will all be on our official event page, and in another blog post to come. So stay tuned! Make sure to follow us on twitter, visit the blog periodically, and join the group to get notified of the newest news in Jmt Studios, as well as new teasers that we will be posting up to the game’s release.



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