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UPDATE: 1.06 is out now!

Hi guys, we are pleased to announce yet another Bullseye: The Game update. This update will be coming out on June 20th, 2014 and will include core game updates as well as some Runway and Mall changes.

Bulls Eye - The Game

Bullseye: Runway as seen in v1.06 Bullseye: Runway as seen in v1.06

Brand new "Choose your Weapon" GUI in v1.06 Brand new “Choose your Weapon” GUI in v1.06

 – Update Log (This may change!) –

Core Game (v1.06):

  • Added a brand new “Choose your Weapon” GUI
  • Changed the Damage, Fire Rate and Headshot Multiplier for every gun
  • Added Automatic First Person
  • Added x2 Health for 5 seconds when spawning

Runway (v1.04):

  • Changed the rock meshes to rocks made from parts
  • Changed the texture of the hanger buildings
  • Other minor changes

Mall (v1.01):

  • Changed the floor texture
  • Other minor changes


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