April 23, 2014          jmt99          Games, News

Well, it’s that time of the year (again). Easter 2014: Egg Hunt is officially over for this year. Thank you everyone who played this years egg hunt, it was very successful, here is some stats compared to last years.

Easter2014 ThanksForPlaying

STATS FOR EASTER 2014 – 2013

2014: Most caught egg – Easiest Egg (1,869 Total)

2013: Most caught egg – Floating Egg (86 Total)

2014: Rarest egg – Hide and Seek Egg (71 Total)

2013: Rarest egg Almost Cracked Egg (11 Total)

2014: Eggs caught – More than 19,000!

2013: Eggs caught – Around 480

We say again, we thank everyone who has played this years egg hunt, or even any game by Jmt Studios, we very much appreciate it.

Make sure to check back here this summer for more exciting stuff 😉


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