February 24, 2014          jmt99          Games, News

Hi guys, If you have not noticed, ROBLOX has been greatly expanding over the past 6 months. They have been adding a lot of juicy features for us game developers and scripters.

ROBLOX Standard Logo

So first I will start off with game development features. There has been a lot of new ones, like Custom Audio, DevEx, New Materials, Stream Loading and much more. But don’t forget the best of them all, game universes, which will be coming out “Very soon”.

Oh yes, game universes, the quest for a larger scale. This would greatly improve how our games at Jmt Studios could work, especially Bullseye. When universes release, we will plan on adding one lobby for Bullseye, which would be the main game, and inside the lobby, you will be able to choose which map you want to join.

Now another feature that ROBLOX released and the community asked for AWHILE now. Single player servers. A couple days ago, ROBLOX released new server limits, it now goes from 1-40 instead of 6-30.

Custom audio, what would we do without you? I hate those ones that ROBLOX has uploaded for you, but now, there is a wide variety of things, pretty much any 2 minute or less audio clip on the whole internet.

Good job ROBLOX staff, you are finally starting to listen to the community! Give yourselves a pat on the back.


Wait! Don’t go yet, I have some more things to say. I know we haven’t been releasing any games in awhile (excluding annual games), and it will stay like that for a little more. Soon we are going to start working on our biggest annual game of the year. I can’t say yet, but I think some of you get where I am going, and if you don’t, this is all I’m going to say.

March 1st, 2014.


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