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[Update: A brand new gift is now available. See below!]

Our first ever Gift Hunt is now available! Can you help save Christmas by finding all the gifts hidden around the map? Well what are you waiting for?!? Available now until January 1st, 2014.

Christmas 2013 Gift Hunt Thumbnail 01

There is a total of nine gifts to be found in the duration of the Gift Hunt, here is a list of them.

EasiestGift Badge


Easiest Gift

Sorry but, If this isn’t the first gift you get, there is something wrong with you.


BuildingGift Badge


Supreme Gift of Building

“Now how do we get up there?”


CaveGift Badge


Cave Gift

I have no idea where to find this, maybe you can figure it out?


CloudGift Badge


Gift of High Altitude

“I can see my house from here!”


FireBossGift Badge


Fiery Gift of Kaboom

You sacrificed your ROBLOXian to get this gift. Ouch!


IceBossGift Badge


Icy Gift of Sub Zero

You made it pass the evil Ice Boss to get this gift, but now your ROBLOXian is frozen in ice. Brrrr!


n00bGift Badge


n00b Gift

don8 pl0x!!!!!1


ChristmasGift Badge


Jolly Gift of Christmas

Happy Holidays! This gift will only be available from December 24th – 26th, 2013.


MoaiGift Badge


Gift of Moai

These Moais were carved by your ROBLOXian ancestors.


Click here to play now!


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