September 25, 2013          jmt99          News

If you haven’t known already, on September 24th, 2013, ROBLOX added a new update on T-Shirts, Shirts and Pants. Before the update, if you were BC you could sell your clothing at a minimum price of 1 Ticket or 1 Robuck. Now, for T-Shirts, the minimum price is 120 Tickets or 10 Robux, for Shirts and Pants, it is 300 Tickets or 25 Robux. This is outrageous. NBCers will have to wait 1 Month to buy a Shirt. This is plain out greedy and unfair to NBCers. It is also unfair to the people who made the shirt. I usually always sell my clothing for 1-10 Tickets, no more, and so do a lot of well-known clothing artists.

Also, I used to sell a Jmt Studios Support T-Shirt for 7 Tickets to help support our group for ads. It is now off sale because I am not making our fans pay 120 tickets or 10 robux for a picture of our logo, I wouldn’t and you probably wouldn’t either!

I also use to sell decent but not really good clothing for a cheap price of 6 Tickets and got about 7 buys per week, since the update, I have got none.

The only thing keeping me from not quitting is Jmt Studios, I love making games for you guys, and I always will.

Sincerely, Jmt99


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